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Scrbacic pronounced Sccrr- Basic
a momma who broke the mold.


About Me


Well HEY! I am so happy that you are here. This has been a year in the making! My little dream of helping others through my own experiences started after I lost my self to Motherhood burn out.

Needless to say  I am thrilled to be here and I hope you will be too!

My name is Katelyn Scrbacic.  (Its pronounced Scrrr- Basic, a Croation background)

I am a wife to a Carpenter and a Successful Entrepreneur in different business ventures. 

I am a Step-Mother to two children who I fell in love with before I ever laid eyes on there Father 

(not a bad catch if I do says so myself).

I have had 3 nice and easy pregnancies, labor and deliveries.

I have experienced the pain of one miscarriage at 25 weeks 

(reasons why still unknown).

Also at 16 weeks. 

These two losses help refocus my appreciation for our family we have now

We have a family of 7

 with 3 boys ( ages 10,4,3) and 2 girls ( ages 9,1).

We do things differently than the "norm"

 Our children go to school at home with the help of a K-12 Cyber School Program. 

I am able to be working with them if they have a problem but I do not come up with the lesson guides.

So yes I am surrounded by little humans all day everyday.  We do EVERYTHING together we are our best friends. Our children get to see the inter-working of our house operations and are required to help when old enough. This gives them the chance to learn skills not normally taught in public schools. Also the confidence to enter the adult world and conquer anything they set there minds to.

Our way of living is different that most. We do not use a microwave. I cook as much food by scratch as possible. 

Our dream is to buy a large piece of land and build our dream home on a homestead with our imaginations as our limits.

We are constantly reevaluating our ways of living to make sure we are productive and successful so we can reach our goal.

Everything we do is for our children we do not hold them back from much. 

We encourage them to grow and learn with training everyday to help prepare them to be the best humans as possible. With the hopes of each generation of our family leaving a bigger and wider foot print that helps humanity in ways only God knows possible.

We do not practice one single religion but keep our eyes open to all the lessons and wisdom each one offers and merge the ideas in to our daily life. 

Trying to always be the best people we can be.

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