a Millennial Momma who broke the mold

a Millennial Momma who broke the mold


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With hard work comes success. I can vouch for that. 

I share posts to help other SAHMs like me run a smooth-running home with health happiness and organization as top priorities to help achieve any goal on the bucket list no matter how big.


Stronger Together


We are a growing family of 7.   We run our home like a business and things work very well.  

We have come from being practically homeless with a massive amount of debt and terrible credit owning nothing but the clothes on our back, some house gear and enough family drama to have a soap opera about us (a cop seriously told us to "fix our Jerry Springer life"). 

After some tough blows in the ring of life, we set out to do better, be better if not for ourselves but for the future of our children.

In only 5 years with many long nights, blisters, sweat and tears.  Our success has been our momentum, now making almost a quarter-million dollars worth of income in a year's time helps us know we are doing something right.  

My husband's hard work has allowed me to work from home. I have the privilege of teaching our children from home and running the house. While he goes into the workforce and runs the other family companies on the side. 

We now own two vehicles both under 8 yrs old. 

We own two investment properties and are always ready to close the deal on the right property. 

We have earned the right to say we have a savings account that is better than most.  

Our plans are always evolving and merging with what life throws at us. But with young children in tow and only each other to rely on we have started a snowball effect of what will grow a legacy of success.   

A future for our children to have financial security and a natural skill set of hard work and goal setting and achieving. 

To see our other family business ventures including various business support services. 

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Working Mother's


All Mother's are working Mother's. Give your self a pat on the back. 

You can do what your heart desires and I am here to help inspire!

Hello, I am so glad you are here!

 I am always trying to updated and add information to this site that will help you and your family live a life that you can enjoy. With all your needs and your wants achieved and obtainable. 

From House Operations, Budget Tips, Recipes, Large Family Fun, Parent to Parent Motivation and more.  

This is a fun site that bundles our day to day adventures and how we are a successful growing family reaching goals and managing chaos.

Please feel free to browse and read.

I am sharing my journey on how our family navigates through the day to day. 

Our joys and successes our downfalls and how we get through them. 

How we run a house with several kids and keep our sanity intact and continue marking goals off of a checklist.

If you have any thoughts or tips, comments or suggestions please share them with me.

I want you to enjoy what you see and learn. Hopefully my experiences to make your life easier and more fulfilled. 

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